C major / A minor

Here is a worksheet I designed that illustrates the notes that outline the key of C-major (which also contains the notes of A-minor, hence the two names. Every major key is paired with a minor key; they share the same notes. If this is confusing, that’s ok. In time it will make more sense. For now just remember that the two are paired with each other).

You will also find some standard chord progressions in various styles using the notes/chords from the key. Notice also that the correct fingering pattern for playing the scale is diagramed. If you need further help with playing the scale or chord progressions you may contact me or find a piano player you know who can show you. Again, most musicians are more than happy to share their knowledge. Click on the image below to enlarge it and save it.

The 12 keys are laid out according to the circle of 4ths/5ths. As you scroll down the key will change by a 5th. At the very bottom is the key of C major / A minor again. Scrolling up, the keys move in 4ths. If this doesn’t make sense, that’s ok. This stuff takes a lot of time to soak in. Again, find a piano teacher who can assist you, or contact me directly and I can help.


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