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Anissa has been singing professionally all over the world since she was a young girl. Her beautiful voice and emotional performances have been moving people for years and she continues to perform and record regularly today. She has several albums and is currently working on another. She has performed on national television and has won many awards for her performances, including:
–“Star of Radio and Television” 1st Place (National competition: Indonesia)
–“Asia Bagus”, Singapore:
1st place – 15 times
2nd place – 10 times
3rd place – 7 times
After her national victory she toured the Indonesian country with the president, a remarkable distinction considering the country has 250 million people in it. But beyond all the awards and recognition lies the spirit with which she sings. Many people are good singers, even great singers. But not everyone has the ability to reach into people’s hearts with only a few notes and captivate them. The ability to sing to an entire room, and yet have each person feel as if they’re being sung to personally, is not something that can be taught. It’s an inborn ability that we can all recognize when we hear it. Anissa has it. We invite you to hear it too.


Erik started taking piano lessons after his father heard him plunk out the Olympics theme music on the family’s piano by ear. He continued his plunking until he began formal piano lessons and continued his musical journey by playing trumpet and French horn in middle school. Early in college he picked up an electric guitar for the first time and began teaching himself how to play. He decided immediately that he would pursue playing guitar and he hasn’t looked back. He currently plays guitar and/or keyboard in a handful of groups, teaches (guitar, piano, ear training, music theory, sound theory, and music production), writes/records/produces his own music, produces for other artists, is the after-school guitar instructor at Alderwood Elementary, teaches out of Wild Hare Music School, and is writing a book on guitar & polytonal harmony.

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